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best hunting equipmentHunting is a complex process, and there are many ways to target prey. New hunters, or those that plan to switch hunting methods, may need guidance to get started. There are various tools and weapons used for hunting, and many of them are covered here.

For hunters that prefer archery, bows are effective tools for eliminating prey quietly. Compound bows feature a lever system with stiff limbs and are not easily affected by changes in the environment.

Recurve bows curve away from the shooter and often create more noise. They use energy more efficiently than traditional straight bows.

Trail cameras help hunters keep track of game over longer periods of time. The hunter cannot follow its prey constantly, so the camera picks up the slack. It uses motion detection to determine when large animals have passed and generates an image with the date and time. This information is used to help hunters plan and organize their hunting patterns.

Rangefinders are used in a variety of sports, and they are built differently for hunters. They also tend to come in a horizontal build for this purpose.

Pocket knives are useful for a variety of tasks outdoors. They can be used for tearing flesh or skinning animals, and they usually feature a number of tools. In addition to being compact and lightweight, pocket knives should be comfortable to hold and use as well as effective enough for each task.

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Compound Bows

Compound Bow

A compound bow uses a lever system consisting of cable and pulleys to bend its limbs. This bow features limbs that are much stiffer than those of a recurve bow. The compound bow is much more energy-efficient due to this increased stiffness. Compound bows are rarely affected by changes in temperature or humidity. This provides greater velocity, accuracy and distance in comparison to other bows.

The bow’s string are applied to cams, and these pulleys have cables attached to their opposite limb. When the archer draws the string, it causes the pulleys to turn. A soft cam allows for a soft and smooth pull. This helps to aim better with hunting or target shooting.

It may be best to use an aggressive cam when hunting. This provides increased energy when drawing and offers better penetration for the arrow. Beginner archers should look for a bow that is lightweight, powerful, smooth and quiet.

Recurve Bows

Recurve bowA recurve bow features tips that curve away from the shooter, and the string of the recurve bow touches an area of the limb when the bow is strung. These limbs put greater strain on the unit, so they are more likely to make noise during the shot compared to other types. In contrast to bows with straight limbs, the recurve bow stores and delivers energy more efficiently for greater speed.

Many recurve bows are take-down models, and their limbs can be detached from the riser for better transportation, storage or versatility. Hunters may prefer one-piece bows instead due to the noise level of the limb pockets on take-down models while drawing. Modern recurve bows are the only forms allowed for competition in the Olympics.

Trail Cameras

trail cameraA trail camera is a remote camera placed by a hunter in order to avoid disturbing nearby prey. They are used to track game, so they are best when designed to be sturdy and weatherproof. This durable design allows them to be placed for extended unmanned use in the wilderness.

A trail camera will photograph game when the hunter is not present, so the photographs will be stamped with a date and time. The cameras detect the motion of larger animals nearby, and this information can be used by the hunter over time to determine the patterns of the prey to create hunting locations.

Rifle Scopes

rifle scopeUnlike a silent bow, a powerful rifle allows for very few shots to strike the target when hunting. Shooting a rifle requires immediate precision, so it is wise to use a scope to ensure the most accurate shots at longer distances. To place the shot, the viewfinder displays a reticle. These may vary in design, and some allow for bullet drop compensation, windage compensation and distance ranging.

The scope is mounted to the rifle with additional equipment, and this process may alter the weight or handling of the unit. The benefit of the telescopic sight of a rifle scope is the user’s ability to focus on the cross hair and the target at the same time. With iron sights, the viewer tends to draw to the target and blur both sights.

Hunting Rangefinders

hunting rangefinderA rangefinder is a device used when hunting to measure the distance to the target. As measuring the distance accurately is the goal, the range allowed by the device should be one of the most important factors to consider in choosing one. The range needed by the shooter will vary depending on the type of hunting in which he or she engages.

Magnification is also important for long-range hunting. One should note that a higher magnification results in a more difficult time keeping the device steady. Rangefinders used for rifle hunting vary greatly from those used for golf or archery. Laser rangefinders are popular for hunting, but they may not be the best option as the light used may give away the hunter’s position.

Pocket Knives

pocket kniveA pocket knife is a compact folding knife with one or more blades that swivel inside its handle. As their names suggests, they are small enough to fit into one’s pocket. They are also commonly referred to as jackknives.

These knives are very versatile, and they can be used for cutting rope, slicing food, opening gear, first aid or defense. Pocket knives used in hunting are often used to skin prey once killed. The blades of a pocket knife usually measure between 2 and 6 inches (5 to 15 centimeters). The ideal knife is esthetically pleasing, comfortable and effective.

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